View: 3 Top Insider Tips For Briefing Your Office Designer

If you are about to embark upon an office fit-out or refurbishment project, these 3 top insider tips for briefing your office designer from The Office Interior Project Group® are essential reading:

  1. Provide Details! Be ready to brief your designer on your organisation, your departments, your ways of working and your aspirations for the project. A great office designer will want to get under the skin of the organisation for which they are working.
  2. But Not Too Many Details! Don't be too prescriptive. A great designer will approach your project with a true 'blank canvas' approach. Be willing to explore ideas, concepts and solutions that you hadn't considered. The convergence of the expertise of the designer and your knowledge of your organisation is the sweet spot, for sure, and a paradigm shift on the part of the client can often result in a truly exciting collaboration.
  3. Engage And Be Engaged! Allow some time for the design process. Let the designer in! Allow your designer to get to know you, your colleagues, the project stakeholders and your organisation. Commit to the process. Don't keep the designer at arms length.

At The Office Interior Project Group® we are committed to the creation of great workspace.

We know that truly tailored office design, resulting from a true collaboration between client and designer, is in the best interests of all.

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