View: 3 Top Insider Tips For Office Interior Project Success

When engaging with existing and prospective clients in relation to an office interior fit-out, refurbishment or reconfiguration requirement, we will focus on 3 key areas.

These are project deliverables, project timeline and project budget.

  1. Office Interior Project Deliverables: what will you need in order to deliver your space? What design work will be required? What interior strip-out or demolition work will be needed? What fit-out or refurbishment work will be carried out in order to deliver your new space? What furniture, seating and storage will you need to procure? Start making a list of what's going to be needed and allow your deliverables spreadsheet to evolve as your project planning progresses. Understanding your project deliverables is key to briefing your project stakeholders and prospective suppliers.
  2. Office Interior Project Timeline: what is driving your timeline? Do you have a hard, fixed date for project completion? Do you have to vacate your existing space? Will you have to pay for 2 office spaces while your new space is completed? Is the timeline realistic? What can you do to accelerate the process, if needs be? Focus on the end date from the outset and work back to understand how much time will be needed versus how much time is available. Understanding your project timeline is key to anticipating threats and challenges and to briefing your prospective suppliers.
  3. Office Interior Project Budget: how much will you spend on your project? Is that sufficient for the deliverables involved? How will your project timeline affect the project budget? Don't waste your time, or that of your prospective suppliers, by failing to understand the project budget. Whilst any worthwhile prospective supplier will work with you to make the most of your budget, it is essential to have a sense of what budget is available for the work.

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