Pre-Launch View: 3 Top Insider Tips For 2017 Workplace Trends

Your workplace is a key tool in the recruitment and retention of great people.

Here we share 3 top insider tips for 2017 workplace trends:

  1. Timber! Wood is back. Selected and utilised correctly, wood adds a sense of warmth to the workplace. It can be comforting and reassuring. It can add a sense of solidity. It also adds a natural element, which brings us neatly to tip number 2...
  2. Biophilia: The integration of nature in design. Expect this concept and movement to grow in 2017. Now widely acknowledged as a way to reduce stress, increase logical thinking and have a calming impact, biophilic design is here to stay.
  3. Storytelling: Commonly used in external marketing, we anticipate that storytelling will have a much larger part to play in internal communications and messaging. Expect this trend to appear increasingly in workplace interior design as organisations seek to engage and inspire their workforce.

The Office Interior Project Group® will launch on 5th January 2017.

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